CreativeDevelopment Software Developement Co.,Ltd. is an integrated product development company, mainly specializing in the development of digital cameras, video recorders, security monitoring and other areas of technology solutions company.
The main chips are such as follow:Hi3516CV300,Hi3516CV500,Hi3516EV100,Hi3516EV200,Hi3516EV300,Hi3518EV300,Hi3556V200,Hi3559V200,Hi3556AV100,Hi3559AV100,NT96220/6,NT96632,NT96650/5/8, NT9660/3/8. The domestic industry has one of the technical strength solution providers, reflecting industry trends in technology, but also earlier in the digital imaging technology development solutions company. Our products cover the digital camera (DSC), digital video recorders (DV), HD tachograph, hand-held video recorder, sport DV, electronic amplifiers, visual aids, video flashlight, car rear view mirror, police law enforcement instrument, video modules such as digital consumer products research and development, sales, and also operates other related supply and marketing of electronic products and components.
Since its establishment, the company adhere to the quality of survival, innovation and development, to serve the marketbusiness philosophy, continuous development, innovation, adhere to good quality, flexible forms of cooperation, satisfactory service, won the majority of customers trust and support, and to establish long-term cooperative relationship.
The company is committed to the development of electronic digital products, programs, always pay attention to the development and changes of the digital product market, to seek the support of the upstream components of the major manufacturers, the full industry chain downstream product manufacturers to provide the most timely and up to a new package of solutions and the main components. We have the confidence to continue to introduce competitive products, providing customers with different monitoring solutions required. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.